Wide Range of Packaging Solutions, Tailored to Fit Final Products

Straight bags

We produce a wide range of rectangular and square plastic packaging, used for various purposes such as packaging of vegetables and fruits, baked products,snacks and confectionary, textile products, cosmetics and hygene products, magazines, stationary, courrier and many others.

Conical Bags

We offer various kinds and sizes of sleeves for cut flowers, pot plants, herbs, fruits, vegetables, pot herbs and confectionary, tailored specifically for end user’s needs as per demanded specifications.


We operate with 3 high-tech sheet converting machines, producing crate cover sheets for many fruits and vegetables, wrap sheets for gift packing and flower packaging sheets both for pots and wrapping bouquets.


We provide our customers with packaging solutions on rolls. We produce bags on rolls, flowpack rolls, bags on rolls and shrink rolls.