Maximum Quality for Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Quality policy

We aim to ensure the constant satisfaction of customers by accurately identifying their requirements. 

We are dedicated to providing our customers with flexible and safe packaging products. While staying in line with the demands of current legislation, we are meeting and exceeding all of our customers' expectations.

We are committed to sustainable growth through training and development of our employees, complimented by continual innovation of technology. 

We will establish, maintain and seek continually to improve the effectiveness of a Quality Management System that maintains certification of ISO 9001: 2015 and the BRC/IoP Global Standard.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

A safe and healthy workplace is our responsibility, thus we take neccessary protective and preventive measures towards achieving this goal.

We follow local laws and regulations about Occupational Health and Safety. We also perform and adapt production process and related zones, in parallel with the laws and regulations while complying with the relevant amendments.

We identify all potential Occupational Health and Safety risks that may arise in our organization and take actions that will neutralize such risks down to acceptable levels. We keep our employees, guests and contractors informed about all risks and actions taken.

Contribution of our employees for the purpose of ensuring the efficiency of safe and healthy working is vital for us; we train them on safety practices.

We set targets that contribute towards sustainability and improvement of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System  and ensure continuous improvement through periodical monitoring.

Environmental Policy

In our operative process, it is our duty to the planet to have echo-friendly means of production by establishing the trust and collaboration with the customers, suppliers and other organizations, while minimizing the pollution and accidents. To achieve that, we take all the necessary protective and preventive measures.

We identify all environmental risks that may arise in our organization and take actions that will bring effects on the environment to acceptable levels.  We keep our employees, informed about environmental hazards, their effects on the environment and actions-in-case needed to be taken.

We comply with laws and regulations concerning the environment. In order to achieve that, we perform and adapt production process and related zones in parallel with the laws and regulations; we comply with the relevant amendments.

We set targets for the purpose of maintaining and improving ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and we ensure continuous improvement with periodical monitoring process.

Product Safety and Hygene

In terms of hygene and food safety, we fully comply with the highest BRC/IoP Global Standards.

In order to minimize the risk of contamination, As Plastik implements high hygene standards. We apply HACCP Food Safety System through essential programmes, such as regular cleaning plans, pest control procedures and maintanance.

In the scope of a risk-based system, we identify and control potential risks to product safety and quality by hazard and risk analysis. 

We ensure that our suppliers follow fair manufacturing practices, and fulfill legal requirements through regular monitoring.

 We comply with legistlative requirements for product safety.